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The structure of my paper does not include my sources, but rather I use them to create the structure that I want to establish in the paper. Again, my sources, including the reference section, are considered to be organic in the structure. Yet another concept that I deal with as a structural architect. I find a reasonable approach to the theory and use of sources and how the sources inform and support my learning. It seems to me that the mnemonic that works best for me is in reference to the room, the anatomy. Namely, the room is the house, the anatomy is the house, the roof, the windows and doors. The students understand the meaning of each of these, thus, they can recall the mnemonic and apply it as they learn. I can write about the room and then talk about the windows and doors. Then I talk about the roof and so on. The students can refer to the diagram they have on the board at any time. The diagram or model is a very important aid to learning. A model is one type of a metaphor. The best way I know to use a model is to make a diagram or drawing that represents the meaning or function of the real object. I find that I use it in conjunction with the chart or diagram I have on the board to support the ideas of the instructor. Here is a brief outline of my paper. Introduction I will briefly define what the term synthesis is and give my definition of synthesis from the perspective of architecture. Synthesis is used here as a part of a process. As a part of a process, synthesis requires a plan that will include the following elements. 1. Goals 2. Concepts or ideas 3. References or sources 4. The structure of the paper The goal is stated to be to determine whether or not architecture can be defined as a science. This is a major component of this paper. The course I took in architecture was not a science course, so I was learning about the component of the science of engineering and architecture. It is the scope of the paper and what the student must be able to understand. The goal of the paper is to achieve a change of perspective about the science of architecture. My ideas for the changes in perspective are not my ideas, but rather the result of a study in the school of architecture at my university. I will also show the connections to science in other fields. The discussion of science in architecture and design is most often associated with physics, chemistry and mechanics. I am, however, not discussing the science of design and




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