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Our Story

HarmisuLife was founded in 2015 by siblings JV & Lynn. Their journey started off with an honest interest to share health & lifestyle products from all over the world which they find useful & unique.

With a heritage in health & pharmaceutical knowledge, HarmisuLife aspires to provide comfort and solutions to the conundrums of everyday life. Hence the name, ‘HarmisuLife’. While it might sound like a forgery of the Italian dessert, ‘harmisu’ is actually a colloquial Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) word that is commonly used by Hokkien-lang which simply means, ‘What’s the matter?’. The word itself carries an expression of care, concern and a measure of comfort. It is something you say when soothing a crying baby, a declaration of your listening ear to a friend in need or simply an expression of concern for people you care about, with a readiness to offer help and solutions.

We hope HarmisuLife can offer that to our readers! We care about your health and wellbeing. No matter the needs - be it diet, exercise, wholesome meal, personal plans that meet your specific interests and lifestyle, great health products or holistic wellness. We hope you find something useful here.

HarmisuLife is the consumer Health & Wellness lifestyle website of Rigel Pharma.

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